‘Perfume On My Pillow’

July 12, 2023

A true story from the Big Green Hat to the Married Man! Poison love. She wants what she cannot have.


Composer: Gary Arthur ‘Bod’ Noubarian (BMI)
Publisher: Arthur Bod Music (BMI)
Producer:  Arthur Bod & Shaw Hayes
Mix Engineer:  Arthur Bod 
Mastering Engineer:  Alex Psaroudakis
Cover Art: Roger Calvillo

Lonesome Road Music

Arthur Bod – Vocals, ES 335
Chris Leidhecker – Drums
Jim Collins – Sax & Flute
Shaw Hayes – Bass, Electrics, keys
Tania Hancheroff – Vocals

The Lyrics

Perfume on my pillow reminds me of you
I’ll keep it ‘till tomorrow
Or maybe a month or two
You know I think of you like a drug I’ve abused
Helpless for the high

You were wearing a big green hat
And walking with a married man
The first time I saw you
And the last time on the strand, oh
You want what you can’t have
And turn us into fools
With hearts in ruin

Perfume on my pillow
Perfume on my pillow
Perfume on my pillow
Perfume on my pillow

Copyright © Gary Arthur Noubarian
G.A. Noubarian, LLC
All Rights Reserved
Publisher: Arthur Bod Music (BMI)
Label: Lonesome Road Records

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