‘Water From The Moon – Liner Notes

July 2, 2021

For the younger of you, ‘Liner Notes’ is from Vinyl LP days. When you bought an album there were ‘Liner Notes’ on the back of the album giving you lots of info about the recording. One thing about streaming downloads that makes me crazy is you never get these details that I want to know, like where the music was recorded, who produced the song, who mixed it, etc. Might just be me, but I like that stuff. Anyway . . .

Nothing like being miserable over a relationship to get inspired to write. And this is basically a true story, though I hate to admit it.

I had heard the line ‘Water From The Moon’ somewhere and it stuck in my head. Kept thinking it was a great song title. The meaning, in case you didn’t figure it out yet is, basically – – ‘ an impossibility’.

And that’s what I was feeling about the inspiration for the song. A girl that I was crazy over, who was just basically impossible from a relationship perspective. Not much more to say than that. The lyrics speak for themselves.

As always, hope you dig the song.

The Details – ‘Water From The Moon’

Composer: Gary Arthur ‘Bod’ Noubarian (BMI)

Publisher: Arthur Bod Music (BMI) – ArthurBodMusic@gmail.com

Producer: Arthur Bod

Musical Arrangement: Arthur Bod & Shaw Hayes

Recording Engineer: A bunch of us

Mix Engineer: Arthur Bod

Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound)

Studios: Little ones all over the world

The Players (‘Lonesome Road Music’)

Arthur Bod – Vocals, D41 Martin, claps

Shaw Hayes – Bass and Electrics

Jeffrey Anthony – Drums

Audrey Karrasch – Vocals

Tania Hancheroff – Vocals

The Mix

This song was put together a little differently. I had done the basic tracks of acoustic and vocals on tape. But the tracks were destroyed, literally. Long story!

Anyway, all I had to work with was a sub-mix of the acoustics, my vocals, and a really muddy bass line. To make matters worse, the sub-mix came from a poor digital copy of a basic mix.

From there, I pulled the sub-mix into Pro Tools as a stereo track and started doing the overdubs of the drums, new bass tracks, electrics, background vocals and claps.

Thanks to some incredible software, I was able to get rid of the unwanted and bring out the guitars and vocals on the sub-mix. Took awhile though. Actually surprised me how well this worked.

Overall, I think the mix came out pretty nice. For sure its a unique sound being acoustic rock and roll. And Ted Jensen at Sterling can make anything sound great! Thanks Ted!

The Lyrics

I wish I could get you out of my mind
And the close the door to me
You’ve been a part of me
I never could let go
And I’ve been too blind to see
I’ve been on such a roll
Throwing the dice
On a gamblin’ spree

And when I see you
I think of time before
Before time took you away
Like an ocean wave
You came a rollin’ in
But you drifted back to sea

Still I wander
With this photograph
I carry the picture
Mirror of the past
Believin’ in feelin’s
I thought could last
Maybe I’m a fool
Maybe you’re water from the moon

I wish I could get you out of my mind
And the close the door to me
You’ve been a part of me
I never could let go
And I’ve been too blind to see
I’ve been on such a roll
Throwing the dice
On a gamblin’ spree

Copyright © 2021 – Gary Arthur ‘Bod’ Noubarian

‘It Ain’t Love’ – liner notes

March 20, 2020

So, at the end of 2018, I decided it was time to get serious about my true love, writing and recording. I’d been away too long (lots to follow on that topic). And at the same time, I wanted to slim my life down. Really slim it down. Everything I had really owned me and I couldn’t take it anymore. 

I sold my house, and most all my material stuff and headed out west in January of 2019, just for a little clear-my-head time. It’s really liberating getting rid of your stuff, except music gear of course. I started buying more of that!

Seems that hotels along the way were inspirational, as odd as that seems. And I wrote a number of songs in hotels on the route west.  I’ve always thought that songs just kinda magically appear in my head. It’s like the universe is sending out vibes and you need to be ready and waiting with your guitar in hand to pick it up. 

This was one of those times when it just happened and ‘It Ain’t Love’ came out in like 10 minutes. I put my hand on a chord and the chorus was there. These are usually the better songs. Now every writer will tell you (except for maybe Dylan and McCartney) that this doesn’t happen every day. It’s a big high for me when it does!

I spend a bunch of time near Buffalo NY since I have family there. And the Goo Goo Dolls have a studio in Buffalo called GCR. Good people and reasonably priced, so, I though why not do a session or two there.  After my return trek from the west I booked some time and decided to lay the song down with a couple of great guys from the studio on Drums and Bass. I already had reference tracks down with vocals, acoustic, pedal steel and Strat. So, we used the click track to add the drums and bass. 

At this point the song was very Nashville. And I dig Nashville. That really is my style. But after listening for a bit back home (DC), it just didn’t feel right to me. It’s just not a country song . . . in my head anyway.

Shaw Hayes, the Strat player on the original tracks, and my favorite guitar player and Iguana band mate of old, suggested I change a lyric to make the song more female perspective. I was diggin’ that idea and thought how cool it would be to make it a duet with a chick singing the main verse.

So, I slowed the feel down, re-recorded the acoustic and drum tracks, removed the pedal steel, substituted the Strat melodic parts with strings. Then switched to upright bass and managed to get Audrey Karrasch to sing with me. She makes the whole song. Then again, I adore her voice!

I also learned a big lesson from this track. I need lots of revamping time. Trying things out in a big studio gets expensive. So, I updated a bunch of my gear at home so I could take all the time I needed to get everything the way I wanted, and then spend a bunch of time to editing stuff that no one will ever hear.

Of course, when the song was done, I needed a great mix. And that’s not an easy one for me to do. It’s really hard to judge sounds in my room. Actually, I spend most all of the time under headphones. So, I needed a good mixer in a real studio.

The Mix

Lots of people WILL tell you not to mix your own songs. I don’t really buy into that, but in this case there really was no choice. 

Thank you YouTube! I was watching a video about Plugins. If you don’t know what those are, they’re basically the software version of hardware used in studios. Anyway, Joe West was talking about workflow in his studio, and there was this big grammy sitting on his desk. I really didn’t know who he was, but I liked what he had to say, so, I looked him up.

Wow, Joe had (and has) great credits including hit songs, a grammy, a great story, and a great studio in Nashville. As it turns out he’s also a great guy.

So, I emailed him with a rough mix of the song and asked him what he thought. ‘I dig it he said’, which was a big high for me. A grammy winner who likes something I wrote? That could never get old.

I actually drove to Nashville to be there with him when he mixed the song. I wanted to meet him and was dying to see his studio. By the way, a Grammy is a heavy thing! Was also cool getting to hold one. Anyway, the end result was a great mix by a great guy!

The Details – (‘It Ain’t Love’)

Composer:  Gary ‘Arthur Bod’ Noubarian (BMI)

Publisher: Arthur Bod Music (BMI) – ArthurBodMusic@gmail.com

Producer:  Arthur Bod

Recording Engineer: A bunch of us

Mixing Engineer: Joe West (The West Barn)

Mastering Engineer:  Ted Jensen (Stirling Sound)

Recording Studios:  Here there and everywhere

The Players – (‘Lonesome Road’)

Arthur Bod – Lead and BG Vocals, D45 Martin

Audrey Karrasch – Lead and BG Vocals

Jeffrey Anthony – Drums

Rick Curran – String Quartet

LeoMusicDesign – Keys

Dave Roe – Upright Bass

The Lyrics

In your time do you think you’ll find, the love of your life
Well she just smiled and said to me
In my time I never did find the love of my life
So now I just need some company

It ain’t love so I’ll fake it tonight
It ain’t love but the mood is right
It ain’t love still I’m holdin’ on tight
But in the morning I’ll be gone ‘cause
It ain’t love
It ain’t love

Do you believe in forever
And happiness is an open door
No I don’t, and I won’t wait anymore

It ain’t love so I’ll fake it tonight
It ain’t love but the mood is right
It ain’t love still I’m holdin’ on tight
But in the morning I’ll be gone ‘cause
It ain’t love
It ain’t love

Copyright © 2020 – Gary Arthur Noubarian

The beginning – again!

March 10, 2020

So, as it goes, I awoke from a very long ‘sleep’. A freakin’ decades long one!

The first recording contract for me and the band was in 1969. A few labels and three albums and seven singles later later, it ended in 1977, dead broke and tired of the whole thing. Not music, just all the other BS surrounding the biz. I plan to write more about these days so stay tuned.

Anyway, I kept writing sorta routinely until around 1985. Mainly, to try to impress whatever girl I was infatuated with at the time. Had a lot of those! The last one I wrote was ‘Water From The Moon’. I kinda stole the title. It’s really an expression that I heard which, if you haven’t figured out, means basically impossible. And the song is about an impossible relationship. And that’s another long story . . .

So my D41 sat year after year waiting patiently for me to pick her up. Yes, I’d pick her up from time to time and play. But inspiration was nowhere to be found. And man, it’s tough to get back into the groove. Singing and playing is hard work. I forgot how much. Anyway, those years turned into decades. It’s really hard for me say that!

From then on, I spent most of my time playing business and trying to buy happiness with things like racing cars and material stuff. But it’s true, that just never works. And I never was really good at the ‘straight life’ or being an adult anyway! Thankfully, I don’t have any young ones to nfluence!

After my 69th birthday, the whole what’s-this-life-about started to stare at me hard. And I realized the only thing that ever mattered, and the only thing I ever really want to do was and is write and make records. 

So, I sold my house and most everything I owned and headed out west for a break. And inspiration did find me finally, mainly in hotel rooms oddly. And the music started to come out. And the callouses came back to my finger-tips!

‘Water From The Moon’ is the title of my new EP as well as one of the tunes. I’m laying down tracks in a much different fashion this time around though. Back in my label days, you popped into a studio with the band, worked as fast as you could, and then lived with the outcome. This time around I’m moving slower, doing basic tracks in my home studio and bringing in other musicians online. And most of them are the guys I made records with in the past.

Anyway, I’m back and I hope you dig ‘Water From The Moon’ when I can finally say ‘it’s done’.

Thanks for listening, and please sign up for email alerts on my new stuff.